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Aries - The Ram 🐏

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Element - Fire Modality - Cardinal Ruler - Mars "Masculine" Where's Aries in your chart? I have an 11th house Aries Moon.

Do the images resonate with your Aries placements?

#Aries you are quite the independent one. Fiesty and daring. Confident and caring. You pioneer through life, initiating trends and blazing new paths. Speaking your mind with assertiveness. Hyping up your loved ones and championing for the underdogs. You're the cheerleader that any team would love on their side.

Sometimes reckless, blunt, controlling and self-focused, others may find you hard to keep up with and difficult to handle. But that's ok, because trying to handle you just isn't going to work anyway. You are born leaders. The warriors, fighters, and adventurers. The first of the zodiacs. You represent the life force energy of "I Am".

Quick to react, to love, to hate, to say what you mean and mean what you say. There is no second guessing exactly what you are thinking or feeling. Expressive and explosive, but quick to diffuse. Sometimes you get a bad rap for being aggressive, but that's just your ruler Mars asserting itself with fiery passion.

Don't change Aries. I mean, of course you won't. You always do what you want to do anyway.


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