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Scorpio ♏ - The Scorpion 🦂

Element - Water 🌊

Modality - Fixed

Ruler - Pluto/Mars



Where's Scorpio in your chart?

I have Uranus and Juno in Scorpio.

Do the images resonate with your Scorpio placement(s) in this Scorpio Mood Board?

Scorpio ♏ you are where mystery meets magic, and intensity reigns supreme. You are the cosmic detective, unearthing secrets and hidden truths with a penetrating gaze. Your determination is unwavering, your passions run deep, and your loyalty is fierce. You are a force to be reckoned with, navigating the depths of life's enigmas, and emerging stronger and stronger each time.

As a water sign, you are the emotional alchemist of the zodiac, diving into the depths of your feelings with unwavering intensity. Emotions are your secret treasure chest, that you keep hidden away like precious gems. Your passions burn brightly, and you're not afraid to explore the shadows to uncover emotional truths. Scorpio, you feel it all, and you're not afraid to embrace the darkness.

Your words are like a detective's magnifying glass that unveil the secrets hidden in plain sight. You're the master of reading between the lines and sussing out the truth. Your thoughts are deep and your conversations are an intriguing journey into the mysteries of the mind. Scorpio, your words hold the power to transform and heal, making you a sorcerer of communication.

Your love life is a passionate thriller, where every emotion is felt with an intensity that can set the world on fire. You don't halfass - it's all or nothing. Your devotion is steady, and your relationships are deep, soul-stirring experiences.

As a Fixed sign, you have patience. You move in secret and strike with precision. A ninja...that's what you are lol! Your energy is a tightly coiled spring, ready to pounce at a moment's notice. You don't just want to win; you want to conquer. Scorpio, you're a passionate powerhouse, unafraid to face challenges head-on and emerge victorious. Your drive is as deep as the ocean, and your determination is unmatched.


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