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Where & How You Overdo It: Jupiter thru the Houses


Jupiter in the natal chart shows us how we attract abundance and where we experience luck in our lives. While Jupiter is considered a benevolent planet and provides us with 'more' of the things that are represented in the house it lies in, because it expands whatever it touches, it also shows us how we can overindulge or overdo those things. The purpose of this post is to point out what one may need to moderate or be conscious of when it comes to the negative effects of Jupiter in the chart.

Jupiter 1st House -

🟡 Inflated ego or sense of self-importance. Know-it-all. Overeating. Over competitive. Aggressiveness. Hyper independency. Extreme fitness.

Jupiter 2nd House -

🟡 Overspending. High maintenance. Eye for luxury items. Hoarding or collecting more than necessary. Materialism. Possessiveness.

Jupiter 3rd House -

🟡 Talks too much. Excessive words. Overthinking/Overactive mind. Big/lofty ideas. Animated/Big gestures. Over involved in neighbor's business. Gossipy.

Jupiter 4th House -

🟡 Overly emotional and/or sensitive. Unhealthy attachment to the Mother, family or childhood. Reclusive or loner type. Stuck in nostalgia or memories of the past.

Jupiter 5th House -

🟡 Gambling or extreme risk taking. Promiscuity. Multiple pregnancies. Extreme leisure. Egotistical or overly arrogant. Bleeding heart.

Jupiter 6th House -

🟡 Workaholic. Giving more to others than one receives. Overly generous. May be OCD or have OCD tendencies. Anal retentive. Overly health conscious, focused on physique or susceptible to extreme dieting.

Jupiter 7th House -

🟡 Gives too much to partner or relationships. Rely too much on partner. Codependent in relationships. Getting into multiple contracts that one can't honor.

Jupiter 8th House -

🟡 Conspiracy theories. Getting into occult practices one may not have fully researched or developed. Poor management of inheritances or creating debt. Hyper sexual.

Jupiter 9th House -

🟡 Overly religious, spiritual, or philosophical. Fanatical even. Too idealistic. Wanderer. Commitment issues. Too direct or blunt.

Jupiter 10th House -

🟡 Workaholic. Places career over everything else. People pleasing to get ahead. Self-conscious of image. Over confident/egoistic.

Jupiter 11th House -

🟡 Strong desire to belong. Needy of friends. Codependency. Overeating. Alcoholism.

Jupiter 12th House -

🟡 Seclusion. Escapism. Delusions. Addictions. Lethargic/laziness. Wrongdoings/law breaking.

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