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Cancer ♋ - The Crab 🦀

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Element - Water 🌊

Modality - Cardinal

Ruler - Moon



Where's Cancer in your chart?

I have Cancer Sun & Mercury conjunct in the 2nd house.

Do the images resonate with your Cancer placement(s)?

#Cancer when people think of your sign, they almost always think crybaby or sensitive. Which is true. You're ruled by the Moon, which represents the emotions. Of course you can be sensitive! Cancer is Cardinal energy, which is direct and reactionary.

However, your strength is often overlooked because of the way your feelings are typically on display. People love to judge you for that alone don't they?

Well, it's definitely not a weakness and actually represents so much courage and resilience. You are protectors and will fight tooth and nail for the people and things that you love. Just like the pincers of a crab, you use them to hold on for dear life and can also use them to take off an opponent's finger. Your tenacity is unrivaled.

With that said, you could also easily decide to stay hidden within your shell and protect your vulnerabilities, but you choose to face them day in and day out. Having such courage to feel is a damn super power!

Unlike other Cardinal signs, you move through life using a sideways approach, but rest assured that it's your intuition and creative abilities that guide you in this process. It's your internal defense mechanism that you use to assist with establishing the security you seek.

Unbelievably good at a number of things, including money, business, and the arts...there is literally nothing you can't achieve. And it's your depth of feelings that drives you to go after your goals.

The motto for Cancer is, "I Feel."

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