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Libra โ™Ž - The Scales โš–

Element - Air ๐ŸŒฌ Modality - Cardinal Ruler - Venus "Masculine" โ˜€๐ŸŒ™โ˜ฟโ™€โ™‚ Where's Libra in your chart? I have Libra Ceres, plus Pluto and North Node conjunct in the 5th house. Do the images resonate with your Libra placement(s)?

#Libra โ™Ž you're not represented by the scales for no reason. You show us how to bring balance and harmony. You are justice and strive to make things just. And with Venus as your ruler, you teach us how to do it with grace and diplomacy. You have an undeniable charm!

As a Cardinal sign and the ability to have reactionary impulses, you certainly don't run from a good confrontation and can 'pop off' with the classiest of savagery. But that isn't the route you prefer. If you can help it, you will seek to impart fairness in situations.

Your social aptitude and intellectual prowess, gives you an advantage in relationships of all types. As the natural ruler of the 7th House of Relationships and Partnerships, you are the relationship sign. You teach us how to bridge the gap from 'Me' to 'We'. And you do this by seeing and understanding the different perspectives brought to relationships from each party.

With your ability to see every angle in situations, you are fully capable of towing the middle lane and mediating between multiple sides. With the ability to see each side and the many potential outcomes for circumstances, this can also lead you to a place of indecision and an arbitrary stance where no particular side is chosen.

If indecision does not paralyze you, it may be your pickiness. It's not a bad thing...that's just Venus emphasizing what you value. And we can be assured it is influenced by beauty, harmony, justice and a need for balance. #MoodBoards #AstrologyMoodBoards #ZodiacMoodBoards #Libra #LibraSun #LibraMoon #LibraMercury #LibraVenus #LibraMars #LibraEnergy #MyKosmicLife

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