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Gemini ♊ - The Twins 👭

Element - Air 🌬

Modality - Mutable

Ruler - Mercury



Where's Gemini in your chart?

I have a Gemini Ascendant with Jupiter, Lilith and Venus in Gemini in the 12th house.

Do the images resonate with your Gemini placement(s)?

#Gemini you bring the variety of life! With your ever changing interests, you rarely find yourself being bored. Your mind moves a mile a minute, and is liken to a web browser with a dozen or more tabs open at once.

This is due to your insatiable thirst for knowledge and the desire to share the plethora of information you gather with the many connections you make.

With your many hobbies, interests, passions, talents, careers, and friend groups, you are the link that connects abstract ideas and delivers messages to the collective.

Super fast on your feet, others find it difficult to keep up with your quick wit, clever mind, and changing moods.

For this reason, you're often labeled as fake, two-faced, and even liars! But that isn't very true at're simply curious and often attracted to new things. Once the newness has worn off, you've become disinterested in a situation (or person), or you've gained enough knowledge about a particular're on to the next new shiny object.

A phrase that defines Gemini behavior...

"Curiosity killed the cat".

Don't change Gemini. But you probably will, because that's the nature of Gemini!


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