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How Saturn Spanks: Saturn thru the Houses


While Saturn also rewards, the intent of this post is to highlight how the planet of discipline shows up in your life and may cause difficulties based on its house placement in your chart.

Saturn 1st House -

🪐 Clear identification of self. Self expression. Trouble asserting oneself. Controlling the ego. Putting self first. Lack of drive or motivation. Repressed aggression.

Saturn 2nd House -

🪐 Acquiring money. Lack of finances or financial gain. Overspending. Difficulty with self-worth. Hoarding or collecting useless possessions. Scarcity. Difficulty in business related things.

Saturn 3rd House -

🪐 Writer's block. Focused concentration. Depression. Speech impediment. Learning disabilities. Estranged with siblings and/or cousins. Conflicts or nonexistent communication with neighbors. Car troubles. Carpal tunnel. Restricted to hometown or seldom travel.

Saturn 4th House -

🪐 Daddy issues. Absent father. Cold or strict mother. Strict upbringing. Emotionally repressed. Lack of family. Rigid family values. Disciplined homelife. Modest or poor living arrangements. Trouble acquiring real estate. Troubles with real estate property.

Saturn 5th House -

🪐 Difficulty with casual dating. Prefers serious relationships. Trouble discovering talents, gifts, and creative abilities. Difficulty having children or may be a strict parent. Severe consequences from gambling or risk taking. Lack of confidence. Trouble relaxing and having fun.

Saturn 6th House -

🪐 Health issues, particularly with the gut. Lack of routine or organization. Loss of pets. Trouble finding work. Overworking. Strict or rigid work environment. Overthinking. Anxiety.

Saturn 7th House -

🪐 Marriage may come later in life. Difficulty maintaining relationships or partnerships. Relationships feel like a heavy responsibility. Trouble with contracts. Difficulty seeing or relating to all sides. Attracts older partners. Karmic lessons in partnerships.

Saturn 8th House -

🪐 Delays in inheritances. Will work very hard for other people's money. May experience issues with taxes. Inhibited sexuality. Fears surrounding the occult. Difficulty with intimacy. Fear of connecting at deep soul levels. Fear of death, but often live long lives.

Saturn 9th House -

🪐 Rigid ideas, worldview, or philosophy on life. Lack of travel. Difficulty with higher learning or secondary education. Riches or abundance may come much later in life. May feel the father restricted their ability to seek and obtain wisdom and knowledge.

Saturn 10th House -

🪐 Although Saturn is at home here and typically well positioned, it can cause a delay in career. Lots of responsibilities placed on native in the workplace. Public image or reputation may suffer from scandal. Difficulties with authority. Knee problems.

Saturn 11th House -

🪐 May suffer from loneliness. Friends are far and few. Very selective with establishing friends. May feel rejected from friend groups or an outcast of society. Fear of fulfilling one's dreams. Shy and reserved.

Saturn 12th House -

🪐 Unexplainable fears rooted in the subconscious. Isolating oneself from the collective. May experience blocks with spiritual growth or in one's imagination and creative talents. Problems with the feet, particularly the bones.

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