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Finding Shadow Aspects in the Imum Coeli/IC/4th House of Astrology

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

People tend to identify the 8th house as where our shadow aspects are hidden, but IC/4th house is very much a place to find those traits. It's early conditioning, generational 'curses', legacy. It is where we have internalized stressors from our upbringing and how we were conditioned to deal with traumatic home experiences.

These shadow traits are often easily seen within the home environment through interactions with the partner, children, and oneself. And as you reach across the axis to the MC/10th house, we can see glimpses of those traits be projected through the sister sign and in the public image. For example, a person with Virgo 4th house may find comfort in the routines they establish in their home. They may be highly critical of themselves and family members, and attempt to orchestrate a degree of perfection within the home environment. This can be seen through their 10th house Pisces lens as being spiritually righteous, very goal oriented, and blurring personal boundaries as they tend to be at service of others and seeking to please.

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