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Taurus ♉ - The Bull 🐂

Element - Earth 🌎

Modality - Fixed

Ruler - Venus



Where's Taurus in your chart?

I have Mars in Taurus in the 12th house.

Do the images resonate with your Taurus placement(s)?

#Taurus you're not quick to move, are you? But that doesn't mean that you don't get'er done. It just means that you're in no rush to get there. You're methodical, and your plan employs practicality. You dance through life at your own pace. Taking the time to enjoy all of the pleasures.

You value comfort in all forms. Be it food, luxurious fabrics, soothing sounds, or sensual love experience the feels through each of the senses.

Sometimes pegged as lazy, but you're not complete sloths, are you? You are extremely hard working, but are equally dedicated to grooving out time for leisure. Often, that gratification shows up in your stubborn need to succeed. And in order to enjoy the comforts of life, you know it is your ambitions that offer you the opportunity to revel in those pleasures.

'Work Hard, Play Hard' is a motto for the Taurean ♉


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