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The Square ◼️ Aspect in Astrology

Do you find it hard to get along with any of the other signs within your sign's modality? Here's likely why...

The Square◼️aspect - is formed when 2 signs/planets/houses are 90° apart, and are generally made between signs of the same modality (i.e. Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed).

Squares between signs typically indicate challenges and conflict, and represent points of tension; however, they also provide the potential for growth and learning.

🗝 KEYWORDS for Cardinal energy:

Leadership, Initiation, Assertiveness, Reactionary


Aries - Cancer

Cancer - Libra

Libra - Capricorn

Capricorn - Aries

When 2 leaders come together, there has to be a conscious give and take of leading and following. Otherwise, the 2 will continuously butt heads trying to be the initiator and one in control.

🗝 KEYWORDS for Fixed energy:

Stabilizing, Consistency, Resistance, Sustainability


Taurus - Leo

Leo - Scorpio

Scorpio - Aquarius

Aquarius - Taurus

When 2 stabilizing forces come together, a conscious effort must be made to allow room for change. Otherwise, the 2 will find the energy becoming stuck and limited due to rigidity.

🗝 KEYWORDS for Mutable energy: Adaptability, Flexibility, Tolerant, Transitional

Mutable: Gemini - Virgo Virgo - Sagittarius Sagittarius - Pisces Pisces - Gemini

When 2 chameleons come together, it is important to be conscious of the need to get grounded and appreciate structure. Otherwise, the 2 will find themselves floating in the clouds without any follow through to see tangible results.

When you find yourself having friction with another sign of your modality, ask yourself, "How are we alike, and what's a better approach for reaching understanding and compromise?"

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