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Tarot Major Arcana Series: The Fool 🤸🏼‍♀️🃏

Here we embark on new beginnings, taking the proverbial "leap of faith", toward the unknown. We don't always have all of the information, and often we have very little, but the urge to discover that which lies below (or ahead), pushes us to journey to gather those details as we go.

Unpredictable in nature, it encompasses the energy of Aries and Uranus. The Fool embodies the need to satisfy new adventure. It's about having the confidence and courage to take a chance, and embracing the sudden changes that life hands us as well as the need to adjust spontaneously to uncertainty.

The Fool card showing up in a reading can point to taking a chance on new relationships, jobs, or projects. It can indicate starting over in a new location, career, or business venture.

Although we are encouraged to embrace the innocence of starting over, it also cautions us to "look before leaping", and warns against impulsivity.


Free spirit, spontaneity, new beginnings, enthusiasm


Risk-taking, recklessness, naivety, foolishness

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