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Tarot Major Arcana Series: The Magician ✨🔮

After we begin our journey as the #Fool, our first encounter through the major arcana is with the energy of the Magician. Here we engage the power of intention. The goals, ideas, and inspirations that prompted you to take the Fool's leap of faith, have put magical forces into play.

Harnessing the power of the intellect, the Magician represents our ability to tap into the energy of Virgo and Mercury. It acts as the conductor for bridging the metaphysical with the material world, making the power of manifestation a reality.

Through the messages of the mind and via sheer willpower and intent, the energy we embrace as the Magician is how we initiate action and bring about desired outcomes.

With all of the tools necessary for manifestation (inspiration/wands, emotion/cups, physicality/pentacles, intellect/swords), the Magician grants us infinite opportunities and the power to create.


Manifestation, willpower, creation, concentration


Manipulation, confusion, hesitation, scattered energy


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